Sunday, February 13, 2011

let's begin! počnimo! vamos a comenzar!

I'm finally blogging friends. Yippee! I've talked about starting a lifestyle blog for many moons now and it's finally come to be. I'm excited to have my own little corner where I can share my love of food, fashion, travel, design & décor and lifestyle.

I couldn't have started all kinds of lovely without the help and support of some very special people in my life - Scotty, Ayesha & Christine - grazie! Also, many thanks to all of my friends and colleagues (Willa and Nat, I'm looking at you) whom I've probably bored to death with my incessant blogtalk.

You're all solid and that's why I like you.


NYC skyline thank you card image found at


  1. Love this new lil' baby of yours! Sweet like you :)

  2. Awww shucks lady...thanks so much! BTW, your knit veggies rock the house! :)

  3. Love your site, Dajana! The diversity is compelling and your voice and sparkle energize each post!
    I love blogging, too, so can see how you have enjoyed it! It is such a fun hobby.
    I don't have your e-mail and wanted a copy in disc of the video you did of me. Is that possible, please? Thank you so very much,


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