Tuesday, March 1, 2011

anthropologie: outfit of the month & end of austerity program

My self-imposed austerity program is officially over friends! I did it! 68 days without any retail therapy. And it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Now that it's over, will I make a mad dash to the nearest shop once today's work day is over? Nope. I'm going to hurry and go over my lunch hour instead. Haha!

Joking aside, three super things about my shopping ban is that (1) I've worked on my impulse control, (2) I've saved a crapload of money and (3) I`ve rediscovered favourite old-ish items in my cupboard. It's almost as fun as having sparkly new things! Almost. ;)

To celebrate this very auspicious occasion, I wanted to share with you my favourite Anthro outfit from February.

Thanks to Ayesha for taking this anthro-at-work pic!
Why yes, those are foxes running across my legs!

I love this navy blue cord dress because it's versatile, warm, highlights my small waist and covers my European child-bearing hips. I also like the swishy-ness of the full skirt and I feel very Mad Men in this number.

The tights on the other hand, look whimsically lovely but are constricting as all heck. They have NO give at all. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing them. I had to make like a kangaroo to get them on in the morning. The boyfriend thought I had lost it when he found me jumping around like a mad woman.  I was determined to get those dang things on, one way or the other. And I did.

Do you have a favorite work outfit that makes you feel pretty and professional? Do tell.

And guess what lovelies? The March Anthro catalogue is now online for your viewing pleasure. Yay!

Happy 1st of March! Only 19 more days until spring. That's even more reason to celebrate.

:)  D.

p.s.  Did you watch the Oscars? What was up with Anne Hathaway's seven dresses? Overall I didn't fancy any of her gowns much - with the exception of the cream-colored Givenchy Haute Couture gown.

These are the ladies that I think rocked the red carpet:

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture. Effortless, elegant and modern.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab. Lovely lavender hue, lace and grosgrain ribbon detailing - what's not to like?

A glowing Natalie Portman in Rodarte. Deep saturated colour and a baby bump. Perfection.

Wouldn't it be fun to get all glammed & gussied up for a night (or two)? Sign me up! :)

Ciao for now!  I'll be back soon with another post.


  1. Those tights are amazing! Looking gorgeous, D!

  2. Cute! I love that outfit. I have that dress in red and I just love it! You're right, it's perfect for work. I can just picture you hopping around with your little foxies!! hehe! You're funny, D.

    Congratulations on the austerity finish!

  3. You look radiant and beautiful. That's an A-list outfit, lady. xo

  4. You look FAb! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tights! They are to die for!

  5. Great post! That dress is very flattering on you. I love the romantic boho look that Anthro supplies, just not sure about the prices. A bit too much for me -- haha, and yes, even the sale rack! Although it's been a while since I've gone there, so perhaps I'll check it out soon... I think I should go on a budget shopping diet too. I'm 100% a shopaholic. :)
    Onto the Oscars... I loved Anne's dresses (and tux!) but not her, or James Franco as hosts. :(

  6. I love those tights!!! So cute.

    I think Cate's dress looked like her grandmother threw up beads on her, lol! I think it was the worst dress hands down.

    Natalie looked glam even with the baby bump. Lovely colour.

    My favourite was Scarlett Johansen's dress.

  7. Hey girlies! Grazie for all of your kind words! You really know how to make a girl feel good. And my foxy tights are in their dresser drawer blushing a deep red. ;)

    @Lea - Thanks for the lovely comment & for taking the time to visit! Those tights also came in a pony pattern. Check them out:

    @Christine - We need to wear our dresses out to dinner together and see if our boys notice. And I bet your Reed dress looks red hot on you! :)

    @Jen - Merci beaucoup ladyfriend and grazie for visiting my blog! I wish I had a pair of tights for you all!

    @Kat - Spasiba for visiting my little spot Miss. Ukraine 2003! Hope you're feeling much better today.

    @Marlena - I agree lady Anthro can be pricey but I have a solution. EBAY! I've purchased a bunch of Anthro items and most ended up costing $50 or less. Also, if you fall in love with an item you can visit the blog Effortless Anthropologie where there is a weekly Trade/Buy and Sell market for readers. I've found items that way as well, for cheap, believe it or not.
    And the shopping ban was a really good mental exercise. You should try it! I'm considering doing it again in the summer. I think you end up appreciating what you do have much more.
    As for Anne and James' hosting abilities - my friend Ayesha said it seemed like Anne had a couple of red bulls prior to the show and James smoked some mary-jane. Haha! Thanks for stopping by ljepotica!

    @paperchic - I love my tights too! I just need to lose about 3 inches of height for them to fit just right! LOL!

  8. A couple things ;-)......

    1) I'm quite proud of the pictures of said lovely blogger and foxy tights.

    2)"Hi, Cate Blanchette's dress, I'm Ayesh. It's nice to meet you." I feel Ms. Blanchette is one of the most stylish public figures out there today. I gasped when I saw how unique and elegantly fashion-forward this dress was on Oscar night. It appears that once again, Givenchy has tried their hardest. This dress was a beautiful live recreation of what I'm sure was a very enchanting concept/sketch on paper.

    3) One of my favorite dresses of all time, was the one shoulder, poweder lemon, burgundy satin sash divine Valentino creation she wore to the Oscars in 2005. This dress should have won an Oscar ;-) In fact, it sort of did; it was her lucky charm, because that night, she won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the Aviator - portraying another fashion icon - one Kathryn Hepburn. Yeah, that's right :-)

  9. First off, how cute is that outfit? You're one stylish lady!
    Secondly, those tights are restricting, but also very adorable... a great find.
    As for the Oscars, I loved Anne Hathaway's flapper-ish dress, especially when she spun back and forth in it. Cate's dress, however, reminded me of a Grandmother's doily. Not a fan at all.

    Congrats on making it through the austerity program!

  10. Ayesha - Thanks for the lovely long comment ladyfriend. Y'know how much I love three part replies! :) And I found the dress Cate wore to the 2005 Oscars online, apparently ten seamstresses worked on the pretty yellow number.

    Brittney - Hey you! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on my outfit! :)
    As for Cate's dress, fashion critics were even divided - they either loved it or despised it. Some thought the embellishment looked like glued-on mentos candies or that the dress looked like an Easter egg that had exploded. Haha! And yet Vogue thought it was, "...class and cool." Fashion. Go figure!
    p.s. grazie for adding me to your blogroll!

  11. LOVE the outfit! the tights!!! i need them ;)
    i have been on an alleged clothing ban for months, but i still sneak stuff in here and there. sigh. I have to be draconian about enforcing it over the summer. my goal will be till September 1st and I'll allow items from thrift stores under $10 or $15.

  12. Thanks Amanda! Anthro always has some amazing tights and I purchased my boa constrictor/foxy tights on sale...which is always a plus.

    Where do you go thrift shopping in town?

    p.s. I love that you used the word draconian. I love smart cookies! :)


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