Friday, July 15, 2011

anthropologie: friday finds

This may come as a shocker to you, but I haven't done a lot of shopping at Anthropologie lately. Heck, I'm even surprised. Frankly, their summer offerings have been less than inspiring, thus far.

But things may just be turning around, especially now that the July catalogue has arrived.

Take a look-see for yourself:

Colourblocked Sweater Skirt

Stride Style Dress

Helios Batik Midi

Pansy Corset Trench

These next few items didn't come with a petulant model:

Longwing Pullover

Fanning Scallops Pullover

Pixel Impressionist Shift

Essential Summer Shift

Whirligig Dress

Anything catch your eye? The Whirligig Dress is calling to me. It's got a lovely drape, comes in four colour ways - medium pink, lavender, deep orange and navy, and can also be worn with tights in the fall and winter months (Alberta ladies must consider the weather versatility of potential clothing items since we're snow bound for a very looong 6 months). I'll let you know if it ends up coming home with me. Yup, that's right. I'm going shopping. The boyfriend is out of town this weekend so I'm going to make my way to Anthro. It's easier to hide the bags when he's away. ;)

Happy Friday!



  1. That first skirt, the denim one! GORGEOUS!

  2. I really like all of these pieces that you posted but the yellow ruffle blouse and blue skirt is my favourite.
    Lovely outfits. I may just have to make myself trek down to the dreaded mall.

  3. I haven't been to Anthropologie for a while either... though mostly cause it's torturous to look at all the pretty clothes I can't wear! I actually tried on the Whirligig Dress for funsies a while ago and it's cute (loved the lavender!).

    Did you buy anything??


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