Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's the little things...

 ... that make me happy. Like walking our choco-lab Lucy in Edmonton's bucolic river valley.

Surprisingly, I'd been deathly afraid of dogs for most of my life. And then I married a boy, who as a child, had dreamed of owning a labrador retriever. Ack! What was a girl to do? Well, this particular lady thought about it, dog ownership, that is, for quite some time. It took me about five years to feel comfortable with the idea of a dog. During this period of contemplation, every dog owner I knew would tell me that getting my own puppy would help me to get over my fear. And guess what? They were all right. Adding Lucy to our family was the best thing we could have done, and in fulfilling Scott's childhood dream, I also gave myself two incredible gifts - unconditional puppy love and freedom from a paralyzing fear!

To this day, I still wonder how it is that I - scaredy pants Dajana - became a dog owner. While walking Lucy, I'll often think to myself, "Holy cow! I can't believe I'm walking through a dog park, with my dog. This is so flippin' cool!"

Life can be full of such happy surprises when we're open to the possibilities.



  1. Oooh this gives me such hope. I have a bit of fear / discomfort around dogs. And yet I love the "idea" of them - especially the dogs on movies. So cute. Maybe someday I'll be able to have one too!

    Ps. You Chocolate Lab is super cute!!! Great photo of the two of you!

  2. Aww,it's such great post! Knowing you now I would never guess that you were scared of dogs! You love them soooo much! I'm really happy for you and Lucy is sooo adorable! Gord wad scared of big dogs too but now he us doing a lot better. And it is really nicy and loving of you to fullfill Scott dream I'm pretty sure he is appreciating very much and it showed him how much you love him. I know because Gord agreed to have a cat with me considering he is allergic to them and a dog too ( he never had a dog). Things like that show exactly how much he loves me.

  3. Lucy is adorable! I've always wanted a labrador retriever...

  4. Amy - Yes, keep the hope alive lady! :) I soon realized my fear of dogs was passed on to me from my dad. Lucy has helped our entire family become comfortable with dogs. She's super and we call her laidback Lucy 'cause she's so chill.

    Kat - It's hard to believe I was once petrified of dogs, isn't it? So glad I was able to move into a new phase in my life. Gord is great! We're lucky to have such super guys in our lives, aren't we? :)

    Marie - Yes, Lucy is cute AND the most chill dog ever. I just love that girl. :) p.s. Thanks for visiting & leaving a comment lady. I'm so excited to have you stop by 'cause you're akin to blog royalty! I've added your super solid blog to my blogroll. Ciao for now!

  5. Having a dog in your life is the best thing you can do..they make you a better person. :-)
    Daisy says, "Lucy, you are fabulous and I love sitting bum to bum with you." LOL!



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