Wednesday, January 11, 2012

baubles: fortune cookie necklace

I saw this fortune cookie charm necklace by Michelle Hartney featured on A Cup of Jo and never looked back.

I mad dashed it to Michelle's etsy site and bought the little charmer within seconds.

Wouldn't you have done the same?

Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday, friends.

Dajana (:


  1. Me Like it! Very much!
    BTW I'm happy you are back blogging!

  2. Oh how cute Dajana! Love this necklace! Happy New Year to you ;) Hope you're year is off a fabulous start.

  3. Cute, cheap and chic! Thanks for your continued support, Kat. I'm so glad you're still visiting my lil' blog. p.s. Maybe I'll let you borrow the necklace sometime. (;

    Happy New Year to you too, Amy. I have a feeling all kinds of lovely things are coming your way. (: Also, thanks for stopping by and not giving up on my little space on the internets. I appreciate it.

    It is adorable, isn't it Alena? I have a thing for fortune cookies. I've kept many fortunes over the years and I think I have one in my wallet, right now! I'm happy you stopped by, too! It's SO nice to have visitors again. (:

  4. Dajana,
    Thank you so much for posting about my necklace (and for buying one too!!)
    What a lovely blog you have!!!

  5. You're very welcome, Michelle. I'm excited for my pretty package to arrive in the mail. p.s. So cool that you stopped by for a visit! Grazie for the compliment. Much appreciated. (:

  6. So, so cute! Does it have a little fortune in it? Great find, D :)

  7. It's lovely. It's a bit mysterious because it makes you want to open it and see what's inside, but you can't, ha!

  8. C - Thanks, lady. I'll wear it to brunch if I get it in time. (:

    P - I know what I'd want my fortune to say. (; Meanwhile, your fortune would read, "You will climb one big step this year."


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