Sunday, July 1, 2012

happy birthday, canada!

Canada Day 2012
cupcake, crave.

My most favourite country in the world turns 145 today.
To celebrate, Scotty and I are going to drink beer (Früli for me), eat red velvet Canada Day cupcakes, catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while, and if we can stay up *late* enough (um, when did 11 p.m. become late?) we're going to watch the Canada Day fireworks finale in our gorgeous river valley. Our city puts on quite the show. Atleast they did the last time we went to see the fireworks...11 years ago. I remember it really well because it was our first date. (:

Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing, and soon to be firework-y weekend, too.



  1. We're hoping to catch the fireworks tonight too. Any suggestions for a good viewing location? I was thinking the Promenade above Victoria Park Road would be promising, weather permitting.

    1. That's exactly the spot we were thinking of, too. (:

      More viewing ideas:

      Have a fantastic Canada Day, Karen!


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