Tuesday, February 10, 2015

6 ways we keep the sparks flying

Scott and I have been together for 13 years, 8 months and 16 days. After spending that much time as a couple, we've reached a level of intimacy I never knew existed. While there is something to be said about being completely comfortable and intimate with each other, it's also important to be reminded of the butterflies we had when we first started dating. The bonus is that butterflies usually lead to flirtation and sexy-time. And who doesn't want sexy-time?!

Here are a few things we do to keep the sparks flying in our relationship:

  • Meet separately at the restaurant. I always get excited when I meet up with Scott at a restaurant or bar. I love that moment of anticipation as I scan the room to find him! There's nothing quite like seeing a handsome man and then realizing it's your handsome man to stir up the butterflies. That is such a lovely feeling and it makes me feel fun and flirty. Meeting separately also gives me the chance to see him not just as the person I share my home life with, but as the person he exists beyond that. 
  • Keep phones off the table during meals. I've been known to take photos of our food, but I've started to do less of that (you might've noticed this if you follow me on Instagram). The time I spend with the people I love has become much more valuable. 
  • Hold hands at the table (but really, hold hands every chance you get). Scott and I do this all the time, whether we're on a fancier dinner date or just having some pho at our fave Vietnamese place. So simple but it sets a special mood.
  • 5 minute make-out sessions. One of us just asks "Wanna make out for 5 minutes?" and it's nearly impossible to turn down or be turned down. Everyone has five minutes for a little old school making out, right? Sneaking in a kiss each day that lasts longer than 5 seconds takes me back to the early dating days. Sometimes while we're watching tv, I'll plank on Scott. Sounds bizarro, I know but it's our special thing. And no, it's not sexual, dirty birds. I'm always fully clothed while planking (;
  • Ask each other out on dates, don't just plan dates. I'll text or call Scott and ask if he'll go on a date with me and then plan accordingly and vice versa. Again, it adds just enough of those same butterflies.
  • Scott purchased this book for us recently. Whoa, spicy. I'm thinking an entirely separate blog post might be in order here (;
These are all little things, but sometimes life is about the little things, right? What funny little things (or big things!) do you do to keep the sparks flying in your relationships? I'd love to hear...

(Photo by Harry Benson)


  1. Great post, Dajana! Good reminder and tips to keep a relationship alive. Gord and I sure need this right now.

    1. Thanks Kat! Every relationship needs some fresh new suggestions now and then. Hope you get the book (;

  2. Love these tips!! Number 1 especially - definitely love that feeling of meeting up with hubs and not just always arriving together. He will so be up for the 5 min make up sessions...

    1. Thanks H! So glad you dug my zesty love tips (; And I'm with your hubs, I'm a HUGE fan of the 5 minute make out sessions too.

  3. Replies
    1. It's just the best feeling when you meet separately Brie, no matter whether you're the one walking in to the restaurant or the one waiting. So fun!

  4. Hey I have that book! We tried it in the beginning but haven't cracked it since. Maybe we need to try again. LOL
    Getting caught up in daily life - you tend to forget how the butterflies feel and it's easy just to coast. I always insist on a 10 second kiss when my man comes home and it's one of my favourite parts of the day. I like meeting separately too, and I want to try the Julia and Clive trick from Modern Family...LOL
    thanks for posting.


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