Friday, February 18, 2011

anthropologie: how i miss you so!

I've been on a self-imposed austerity program for almost two months now - which has meant absolutely no shopping for clothes. It's been a tough road peeps (I LOVE me some retail therapy!) but I've done surprisingly well and thankfully the end is near. 11 days near, to be exact. And just in time too because the latest Anthropologie catalogue appeared in my mailbox the other day! Isn't the model on the cover the most exotic of beauties? sigh.
I am longing to be reunited with my dear anthro. However, until that moment arrives, I'll be dreaming about adding these pretties to my cupboard:

I think the polka dotted number above - named the Take Action Dress - is my fav out of the entire lot.  I quite like its pretty shade of blue, slightly retro silhouette and its versatility. Cross your fingers that this frock and my other covetable items go on sale SOON!

Now, what about you? Did anything catch your eye? And are you an anthroholic too?

If you are so inclined, (and I have a feeling that you may just be) you can take a look-see at the catalogue in its creative entirety here.  Just grab a cup of tea, relax and begin perusing. It is Friday after all! And you, unlike me, are not on a shopping ban. ;)

Happy weekend friends! xxoo Dajana 


  1. I've been to the store only once but it's beautiful and the clothes are quality. (I hate going to West Ed. mall). I like both yellow skirts though I have never worn a yellow skirt. I'm slowly expanding my clothing choices and colors, pushing my personal boundaries. I'm working on my inner fashionista :)

  2. I bought a couple anthro pieces when I was in Boston recently. I love the blue-green polka dot dress and am hoping it'll go on sale soon! I have the perfectest shoes to wear with it! I, too, have had to reign myself in from anthro shopping; have only been partially successful to date!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    A fellow anthro addict.

  3. Maki - I'm not a fan of overcrowded malls either (malls in general have a tendency to suck the life out of a person) but I have a strategy when it comes to visiting WEM. I park at the Anthro entrance - known to regular folks as entrance 45 - visit my beloved and if I have any energy left, I also make my way to Banana Republic, H&M, and Zara. I try to be efficient, not dawdle in between shop visits and I ignore the tourists. :)

    And you should definitely try wearing a yellow skirt or dress! It'll look great on you and there's something about wearing yellow that makes a person feel so damn happy. I once had a mostly black and grey wardrobe and then realized that wearing colour energizes and enlivens my mood.

    The two pieces pictured above are actually dresses. Because the yellow is confined to the skirt portion, they're actually a lot more versatile than one might think. I think they'll end up complimenting a lot of lovely ladies. I also like that both dresses highlight a small waist while at the same time camouflauge other bits & baubles we might want to hide. :)

    Thamarai - were you visiting a certain Egyptian beauty in Boston? ;)
    I bet the Anthro store was amazing! Lucky you!! Is it a lot bigger than our WEM store? I imagine it's humungous and has a shoe section. I'm so glad there are peeps I can share my love of pretty things with!

    Happy long weekend to you both!

  4. I could totally see you in that teal number. Here's to your countdown! I need some more color in my wardrobe too. Maybe in Vegas next week I'll find some!

  5. Elizabeth - I'm trying the teal dress on as soon as my shopping ban is over. Only 8 days left!
    And you'll definitely be able to find some colour in Vegas! Shopping mecca here you come! Have heaps of fun lady! And thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. I'm so impressed and proud of you and your shopping ban, D!! You've got some major will power, girlie.

    I was there on Friday and they only had one of the 'Take Action Dress' left - I hope they get more in! I finally nabbed this sweater I've been eying up for months and a Bianka blouse in the orangey red colour (still sad I couldn't find it in that gorgeous floral).

    We'll have to go for an Anthro date once you're back in the game (though a more disciplined game, right ;)

  7. Hi C! Thanks for your bon mots about my retail willpower. It's been transformative for me to take a break from buying (and not just clothes -I haven't visited Home Sense or the non-grocery section of Superstore either). I feel refreshed!! I've realized that I have a lot of super things in my already flowing cupboard that I need to appreciate more, before moving on to shiny new things.

    I'm glad you finally got that sweater you've been coveting! It looked great on you! :)
    I'm still searching for that printed Bianka blouse...praying & hoping it shows up on eBay or Effortless Anthropologie one day. A girl can dream...

    As for an Anthro date, what are you doing on the day my shopping ban ends? ;)

  8. YIPPEE! I'll get my style peeps to call your style peeps. :)


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