Monday, February 14, 2011

happy heart day!

I am entirely smitten with Duchess Bake Shop and have been since they first opened their doors.  When I stopped in on the weekend,  I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of L’Amours for Valentine’s Day - large macarons filled with rose-cream raspberries and lychee buttercream. One word - delicioso! They were such a lovely combination of sweet, tart, smooth and chewy. I was sad when they were all gone. And the boyfriend? He loved them just as much as I did.

Along the way, I decided I also needed something from Kerstin's Chocolates. My fav is the Chocophilia Cocoa Bean bar. It's not pictured with its friends because I ate it. all. myself.

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with sweetness, too!



  1. mmm, I heart Duchess and I heart your new blog too, Dajana!!

    Kerstin's cocoa bean is my fave too - definitely doesn't last long enough for a photo!

  2. What a gorgeous, strong beginning to your blog with Duchess Bakery! LOVE THAT PLACE!

  3. Christine - your blogging support has been super-super! Grazie bella! :)

    Karen - thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comment. Can't wait to run into you at our fav bake shop again! :)


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