Friday, January 13, 2012

high fives all around...

It's Friday! And there are no words to describe how happy that makes me.

Last Friday, I was malaised with the flu & a horrid case of sinusitis and was confined to my house and pjs. 

With the help of antibiotics, my mom's chicken noodle soup (or as I like to call it, the elixir of life) and supportive family and friends, I'm feeling much better now.

So today, I'm celebrating à la Audrey. Won't you join me?

Dajana (:



  1. She is so beautiful :) Hope you have a great weekend! Happy your feeling better!


  2. Yay! Another Audrey fan! Isn’t she the loveliest?

    Thanks so much for visiting, Bailey. I love new peeps checking out my ‘hood.

    I’m going to take a gander at your blog, now. (:

  3. I'm happy you are feeling better! Wish you to have great weekend!

  4. Spasiba my friend! I have to get 100% better so I can see you and Brody, soon. I miss you! (:

  5. Glad you are feeling better D. Being sick sucks.

  6. Thanks, P. Being sick does suck. My heart goes out to those suffering with chronic illnesses. Can't even imagine how difficult that would be.


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