Friday, May 4, 2012

yoga getaway!

Happy Friday, friends! I'm especially joyful because I'm off on a two-day yoga retreat at the cozy and serene River Lodge. My friend Jenn (last seen here) is hosting the *spring* edition of her lovely Soul Yoga Retreats. My mom and I had such a fantastic time at the last retreat, we decided we HAD to go again.


For me, this weekend is all about winding down, re-energizing and chillin' with my mama. And eating good food, of course! Just take a gander at the menu prepared by chef Sally Vaughan-Johnston. Italian Hazelnut Ginger Cake with Vanilla Bean Gelato? Yes, please!

yoga getaway

I hope your weekend is just as relaxing, friends. 


Images via Jenn Parks and Ashley Fulks.


  1. ooooh....that sounds lovely! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Heather. It was a weekend full of ommmmmms & yummy food.(:

      p.s. Do you practice yoga?

  2. That sounds wonderful! Have a great time:)

    1. Thanks, lady! It was a super fun yoga retreat. I'm already looking forward to the one in September. (:

  3. This sounds like such a lovely weekend. I might have to find a buddy and hit up the fall session. I think I would really, really like this.

  4. It was lovely, C! And yes, you would really like it. (:

    p.s. You don't need a buddy to be able to come. Many of the participants came on their own.


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