Monday, February 21, 2011

family day long weekend!

It's Family Day in Alberta and the last day of a lovely long weekend. I was able to spend heaps of time with my fav peeps - my boyfriend, my pup, my parents and my niece. Love them to bits!

One of our stops over the weekend was the Silver Skate Festival. Held at Hawrelak Park, Silver Skate is Edmonton’s longest running winter festival. And I can see why - the snow sculptures were amazing!


I also spent time with this chocolate cutie...

And on Sunday we took our lil' niece to a puppet show based on Leo Lionni's books, Swimmy, Frederick and Inch by Inch. The puppeteers were from the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia and they were wonderful! We also liked that they announced it was a non-shushing show. You could hear all of the parents breathe a collective sigh of relief. :) Highly recommend Lionni's books and the Arden Theatre Family Series.


Heart this kid!
I hope you had a super weekend and were able to spend it with your fav peeps, too!

Happy Familja Day!



  1. What a great weekend and props for heading out to the festival in this weather! Those sculptures are amazing and so is that little munchkin's cute hat!

  2. It was a super-duper, albeit frigid, weekend Christine. But we're hearty peeps so we made our way outdoors and conquered that dang cold!

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  4. Ha Ha..There is my little furball. Looks like a fabulous time. Love the blog!


  5. Amaris - Thanks for stopping by & for the blog compliment lady! I'm having heaps of fun doing it!
    p.s. Your little furball is my fav. :)


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