Wednesday, February 23, 2011

eat: amish friendship bread

My work peep Lee is married to a lovely girl named Sharry. Just a few months ago, they had the sweetest little dumpling of a baby girl. And I've got to tell you friends, our office is reaping the benefits. How you ask? Well, Sharry is on mat leave and has been baking up a delicious storm and sending oodles of goodies our way. Yay for Sharry! :)

Recently, some Sharry-made Amish Friendship Bread made its way to our lunch room, which our department proceeded to devour like emaciated piranhas. This stuff was so good! And it sure didn't taste like bread, instead it was a dense, moist, cinnamon-scented cake.

I was eager to try it myself and so I asked for the recipe. I was a tad surprised when at work the next day Lee handed me this bag filled with what looked like slop:

What the heck? After reading the recipe and doing some research on the internet, I quickly learned that Amish Friendship Bread is made with a starter - hence the bag of slop. So I followed the recipe:

The mushing was my fav part. And I quite liked watching the starter grow and ferment.

I showed the bubbly bag to the boyfriend one day who said unequivocally, "I'm not eating that."
Alrighty then.

And on the 10th...ummm...12th day, (okay, so I kind of forgot about it for a couple of days) I baked.

And here it is!

After all the mushing and even forgetting about it for a few days, my AFB turned out pretty dang good! I sent some over to my neighbours Harry & Mary to try (yes, those are their real names!) and brought some over for my parents and niece as well. Thumbs up all around! My niece even called it yummy cheesecake. Ha!

Have you ever made Amish Friendship Bread? If you'd like to have your own go at this culinary chain letter, try the recipe found here. 

Happy baking friends! xxoo, Dajana

p.s. The boyfriend has now recanted his firm stance against trying the AFB - he liked it! Scotty really liked it! ;)


  1. Gorg! Looks like someone tried their hardest ;-)

  2. Awww shucks lady, thanks! Next time I'll make sure to bring you a piece. :)

  3. Mmmm.....I've done this a few times in my life. It's funny, I was just thinking about it lately and wishing I had some starter for it....thanks for sharing the recipe! (Note of warning....if you keep up with baking it every 12 WILL get sick of it! LOL!)

  4. Hi Charity! I'm so glad my bosom-Lilydale-buddy stopped by. :) And I don't think I'll be doing this every 12 days...that's a lot of mushing!!
    I read somewhere that you can freeze the starter so I have two bags in my freezer. C'mon down and get one girl!

  5. I've never heard of a culinary chain letter, how cool! It looks delish!

  6. Hi C! I made that line up about the culinary chain letter. Ha! :)

  7. You either really have to like bread or the person you're baking it for...I've never seen a more involved recipe. Is that why it's called "friendship bread"? ;-)
    It looks fantastic. You always amaze me with the things you try. :-)

  8. Thanks P! And it's really not as involved as it looks. I left it on the counter for two or three days with not mushing and it still turned out great! It's a yummy snacking cake that disappears quickly!

    I'm glad you stopped by ladyfriend! :)


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