Friday, March 11, 2011

drink: lady beer

Recently, a friend mentioned a drink she had enjoyed at the Bothy Wine & Whisky Bar.  The bevy was a mix of Crabbie's Ginger beer and Castle Lager.  This was music to my ears since Crabbie's is one of my choice drinks of the summer!  Mind you, I'm not a beer drinker at all.  Mojitos, bellinis and martinis are more up my libation alley.  Yes, I'm a wuss when it comes to alcohol. 
I added Scottish-made Crabbie's to my bevy roster (John Crabbie began the company in 1801 with his Original Scottish Green Ginger Wine) because it`s so refreshing, especially when served chilled with lemon. It's got a crisp gingery-spiciness. If you like ginger, this is a must-try!

This got me thinking about two of my other favourite lady beers - those I dream of enjoying outside on a balmy sunshine-filled day...which may be a long, long wait for us here in Alberta. For now, my living room will just have to do.

First up is, Liefmans Fruit Beer. It's a light, fresh Belgian beer made with strawberry, raspberry, cherry, billberry (similar to a blueberry but smaller) and elderberry juices. 

It's a highly drinkable little brew with a delightfully sweet aroma and taste. A rich dark chocolate dessert would be its perfect partner in crime.

And lastly is, Früli - a Belgian white beer blended with strawberry juice.

Früli is liquid strawberry jam. A delectable dessert beer. A tangy taste sensation. It`s good drinking.

Did you know that Früli received a gold medal at the International Beer Competition 2004? And that it took the title of Best Fruit Beer at the 2009 World Beer Awards?  We got ourselves a real winner here.

I purchased all three of these beers at the amazing Sherbrooke Liquor Store - which boasts (and actually has) the biggest and best beer selection in the city. Over 900 kinds!

And if it's a hot day, they'll let you bring your dog in to the store instead of having to leave them in the car to swelter. These are my kind of people.

Have you tried any of these three bevies? If so, which is your favourite? And if not, what's on your beverage roster? I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Happy Friday friends!

Dajana  :)


  1. Another good one is called Lambic (made by Lindemann's).

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Megan! On my next visit to Sherbrooke Liquor, I'll pick some up to try!

    Cheers! Salud! Ziveli! :)

  3. Hi Dajana,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I checked out some of your other posts and was intrigued by the movie Barney's Version - much check it out!! Hope you're having a lovely day

  4. Crabbies and Fruli are my fave "lady beers" (love that term). I'll have to try the other one, I like the idea of pairing with a rich, dark chocolate dessert... mmmmmm.

  5. Dea - You're most welcome! :) I think you'll really like Barney's Version...and soon Jane Eyre will be in theatres as well. Yay for solid movies!

    C - As soon as we get our Adirondack chairs painted this spring, I'll host a "lady beer" night around the fire pit! :)

  6. Yes! With smores so we can fit in that perfect dark chocolate pairing, of course ;)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love running across another Canuck on the Interwebz. :)

    I 2nd the suggestion about Framboise Lambic, and I also like Chimay. Both are on my list of favourites.

  8. Oh, Fruli... I ordered that at Accent Lounge, expecting something akin to berry ales you can find from most Canadian microbreweries (Alley Kat's Brewberry is one of the best) and sheepishly sipped my bright red beer, trying to manly about it.

  9. Jeff - you're a swell guy whether or not you accidentally order garish red alcopop.

    And you're my first male commenter! YAY! YIPPEE!

    Your prize? A case of...Fruli! ;)

  10. Hi overcaffeinated! Thanks for popping by my corner of the Interwebz!

    And thanks for the suggestion of the Chimay! I love adding more beers to my wall. ;)

  11. fruili's are always in my fridge! So good on any day!

  12. Hey lady!! So happpy to see your pretty face. It's been a while since we all had tea time at Rutherford House.

    And you're absolutely right, Fruili's are good on any day and in Alberta, we can't be waiting for summer to arrive to indulge in our favourite bevy's. Especially since we just received 20 cm of snow today. Ack! Tomorrow is definitely going to be a Fruili Friday.

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by! I love me some familiar visitors. :)

    1. I got a couple of bottles of Crabbies for $5.90 each at Dan Murphy’s in S.A. I prefer it over Stones alcoholic ginger beer. Haven’t tried Blue Tongue alcoholic ginger beer yet.


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