Friday, April 1, 2011

anthropologie: march outfit of the month

I don't like to complain but let's be honest here, March was a crappy month in Alberta and I wasn't at all sad to see it go.  I think at one point my Facebook status read, "Dajana is in dire need of respite from this wintry hell." That pretty much sums up how I felt about March... and now that I think about it, that's how I felt about January and February too.

What made March bearable was getting to wear outfits like this on casual Fridays:

Anthro at work pic taken by the lovely Ayesha

Now, I haven't always been fond of Old Navy jeans, mainly because the material seems quite stiff and well, kind of cheap-y.  But I found myself open to trying the Diva skinnies when my friend Christine recommended them after reading a rave review and buying a pair herself.  I'm glad I tried them 'cause they're a good fit, comfortable and definitely a solid value. How much are they exactly? $29.50.  Word to your mother.

Now, does anyone have a recommendation for a great trouser jean? One that flatters curves and doesn't flatten the ol'arse? Let me know ladies. A girl needs all the help she can get when shopping for jeans.
Dajana  :)


  1. You look lovely in this outfit! I wore that shirt yesterday but in the olive green colour. I really love your floral pattern - go colour!

    And go April! Praise the lord for all this melty business.

  2. Grazie bella! I love that dang tunic. How did you style yours when you wore it?

  3. You look gorgeous as ever! 7 For All Mankind makes a gorgeous butt flattering trouser jean (style is called Dojo) - but it's pricey. You can get them at HG3 in Manulife Place.

  4. Awww...thanks for the compliment KP!

    And I have read about the Dojo (yes, I'm a dork who reads/researches about jeans). Now that these dungarees have your stylish stamp of approval on them, I'm definitely going to go and give them a try. I need me a nice rounded bottom.

  5. Love your outfit!! I loathe jean shopping - finding pants that fit me right is not an easy task. I usually end up getting lucky at The Gap for jeans and I found a pair of trouser jeans there a while ago that I love. I need to find a new pair too!

  6. I'm with you Alena. Jean shopping is akin to visiting the dentist. It can be such an ordeal - I have a smaller waist and bigger hips so they almost always end up gaping in the back. Not attractive at all. :)


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