Monday, April 18, 2011

costa rican eats: la pecora nera

The boy and I ate quite a bit of gallo pinto (rice and beans) while in Costa Rica. I love that gallo pinto translates to spotted rooster. We also filled our plates with patacones (fried plantain), drank heaps of banana, mango and pineapple refrescos con leche (smoothies with milk), indulged in tres leches (three milk cake) and made sure to try regional specialities like rondon (rundown soup) and pipa (fresh young coconut juice).

We thoroughly enjoyed the eats in Costa Rica's South Caribbean. Here's a look at some of our fav restos starting with the black sheep of the lot:

  La Pecora Nera - Playa Cocles - Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
La Pecora Nera Medley

8 courses. Five hours. We were the first to arrive for dinner that night and the last to leave but not before I made friends with the resident puppies and the boy did grappa shots with Tuscan-born chef/owner Ilario Giannoni (what a happy guy & oh so passionate about food). This open air charmer of a restaurant is reputed to have the country's best Italian food and now we know exactly why. It's a must try.

Pups & Dajo

We couldn't decide on what to order (everything sounded so damn good) so when Ilario came over to make a few suggestions, we went with the flow and trusted his tasty judgement. So glad we did.

Highlights of this taste sensation of an evening included:
  • The heavenly homemade bread. 3 different kinds made every morning!
  • My mojito with an Italian twist. The twist? Prosecco, of course.
  • Red snapper bisque with shrimp ravioli
  • Linguine with clams
  • Grouper with zucchini 

Who am I kidding? The entire experience was a flippin' highlight! It was the perfect place for a birthday dinner. Charming and full of ambiance, it truly felt as if we had been transported to Tuscany for a few hours... which is never a bad thing. 

Last LPN

Looking at these pictures makes me salivate all over again. La Pecora Nera is Italian fare at its best and is definitely worth the 5520 km distance from our house.

Tomorrow, a look at our other two fav eateries - La Pita Bonita and Selvin's.

G'night, friends!



  1. Love your dress! And the food - yumm....looks so good ;)

  2. we went there too! It was amazing...I want to go back now!! :)

  3. This looks great! I know where to go if/when I am in costa rica! Spotted rooster, eh? I don't get it. ;)

  4. I'm salivating over both your dress and that mojito!

  5. Grazie bellas for the compliments on my dress - it's Kensie Girl from the Bay. A lady needs a tropical hued dress while holidaying in the tropics. Plus, it sets off my crazy sunburn quite well. Note to self: always wear sunscreen. And no more bragging about how you never burn. ;)

    As for the amazing food, I still think it's kind of funny that we had some of the best Italian food of our lives while in Costa Rica. I love this world of ours! And I love the fact that one of you has also eaten at LPN. So cool!

  6. Such amazing pictures!! Tres leches sounds so perfect right now. Wish I could get my hands on some at 10:30pm :)

  7. Thanks Alena! I wouldn't mind a little bedtime snack of tres leches right about now too. :)

  8. this looks tooo fun! And you look so happy and beautiful...=)
    Kristina J.

  9. You know you two are my kind of travelers - good food and cute dresses! This place looks amazingly delicious.

    We definitely have to reschedule brunch, that was supposed to be our "hear all about your trip" time. It looks like you guys had an amazing trip!

  10. Kristina - much thanks for your lovely compliment & for visiting. I’ve been a quiet fan of your blog for quite some time now – love your styling of Anthro items and your mad design and sewing skills. :)

    C - I hope we can travel together again lady - Cuba was so much fun & that wasn't even "off the beaten path." Can you imagine the fun & hijinks we’d have in an exotic destination? :)

    Send me a list of your upcoming free Sundays please - we need to get our brunch on!

  11. I went with my boyfriend last year, we're definitely coming back this year for our anniversary! excellent food!

    1. You're SO lucky, iPie. I would love to return to Costa Rica and eat at La Pecora Nera, again. The food and the people are top notch! (:


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