Thursday, April 14, 2011

coveting: a russian bauble

I'm completely enamoured with this dangly thing of a necklace.  I don't wear much jewelry but for some strange reason I have a je-ne-sais-quoi kind of a love affair with this piece. It might just be its chichi name - the Russian Imperial Magnifier. What a fancypants.

Intrigued? Check it out here.

Happy Friday!


p.s. To all the lovelies visiting via just bella - thanks so much for stopping by & having a look-see!

Image via The Met Store


  1. Very pretty! I need a simple necklace like this. I love how simple it is but with little details.

  2. That necklace is stunning! It looks like a super expensive necklace, but the price is pretty reasonable! Great find :)

  3. Hey Dajana ;) Just popped in from Just Bella Blog. Christine was right - you're fab! Can't wait to follow your posts.


  4. Stopped in from Just Bella and your lovely images made my day. Can't wait to see more, I became a Follower :)

  5. Such a pretty piece! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. I can thank Just Bella for the discovery!

  6. Also coming over from Just Bella. So glad I found you and look forward to following!

  7. Loving having something to read in my am at work :) I can't comment because the "police" at work prevent me from doing so but know that i'm reading and smiling along with you :)

  8. Hannah - Isn't it darling? I sure hope it's available for purchase soon! By the way, I love that you're a fan of boba. My fav flavour is avocado. Delish-ous-ness.

    Alena - I love this trinket too and the price can't be beat. Not sure why I procrasticated in buying it. BTW, we have two things in common - chai tea and etsy. Yay!

    Amy - awww shucks, lady! Christine has the loveliest bloggy friends. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hilary - Thanks for your sweet words! I'm following you too new ladyfriend.

    Tara - Christine was a doll to send you my way. Grazie for the visit!

    Carol - Welcome fellow Canuck lady! Can't wait to follow your blog too. :)

    Elizabeth - I'm so glad you're joining me on this bloggy ride pretty lady!

    So sorry it took a few days to get back to you ladies. I was rear ended this weekend and needed a few days to chill with my two new friends - Mr. Ice Pack and Ms. Muscle Relaxant.


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