Wednesday, May 4, 2011

anthropologie: take action dress

Disclaimer: I haven't worn any of the outfits pictured below (featuring Anthro's Take Action Dress) other than the 5 minutes it took for my partner-in-crime/photog to snap these shots. Why? Because our city is still engulfed in what I like to call 'sprinter' - a weather phenomenon characterized by a beautiful yet deceiving sunny sky and a chilly razor-like edge in the air. It's still flippin' cold peeps and it's May. Welcome to Alberta.

What up Mother Nature? Why you do us wrong?

Moving away from my digressionary beef with the weather, I wanted to see how versatile this dotted frock could be, so I styled three outfits suitable for a weekend brunch, a 9-5'er and a night on the town. Here's what I came up with (hopefully you're not blinded by my lily-white legs):

Take Action Take 2
WEEKEND BRUNCH OUTFIT: Take Action dress, Joe Fresh jean jacket, H&M scarf & Roberto Vianni gladiators
WORKING 9 TO 5 OUTFIT: Take Action dress, Anthro Rain Shine Anorak, Mandarina Duck bag, Gravity Pope Tsubo heels & BR sunnies
NIGHT ON THE TOWN OUFIT: Take Action dress, H&M clutch & Spring animal print heels
The cute greige anorak was something I found this winter in Anthro's sales room (although in Edmonton, it's an itty-bitty sales 'closet'). Originally priced at $138, I found it for just $40. Score! I think it's quite charming and will be a great topper for when I want to cover my arms at work. Pesky air conditioning.

Happy Wednesday friends! Hope you're getting to wear ALL of your spring finds! Lucky bums. ;)

xoxo Dajana

p.s. Sorry for the scant postings this past week. I was in a car accident, suffered some whiplash and needed some attending to by my friendly neighbourhood chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist.  They're fixin' me up and I'm bound to be as good as new once they've done all of their adjusting, needling and massaging.  I truly heart alternative therapies and solid practioners.

p.s.s. Will soon be responding to all of you who commented on my pillow post. I haven't forgotten you!


  1. OH! Get well soon!

    Amaze post! I especially love the 9-5'er.

    ... and is that green grass I see behind you? Sprinter is almost over!!

  2. LOVE all these options but the night on the town is my favorite because it showcases that beautiful dress! I love how it gathers at the neckline.

  3. I love all looks! You rock Girl!
    I hope you are feeling better!

  4. ooo! I love them all! This dress is gorgeous, I never got a chance to try it on in my size :(

    I can't wait for the day bare legs can make their appearance!

  5. Love every one of them. I am so excited that Vancouver is getting our very own Anthropologie this month. I better start saving now!

  6. Justine - grazie for the compliment lady and yes, there's some green grass poking its way out of the frozen ground behind me... but that too is deceiving lady 'cause it's still quite nippy in these here parts. Mother Nature's up to some trickery. ;)

    Hilary - Thanks for stopping by lady!
    I also love those folds at the neck & the yellow buttons at the waist. :) Are you an anthroholic too? p.s. Love your latest post - the images are lovely.

    Kat - I'm trying to remain positive and have adopted the motto "upwards & onwards!" You know what really helps the (literal) pain in my neck? Having sweet friends like you. :) Looking forward to figuring out what we're wearing to see Clinton Kelly!! Oh yeah.

    Christine - It's a lovely dress, isn't it? You would have rocked it. :) I ordered mine from Calgary lady. And I'm with you - when can we lose the pantalones and tights and show off our alabaster gams? Springtime is ticking away...

  7. Hi Carol! I am so happy that you lovely ladies on the West Coast are finally getting your own Anthropologie - you are in for a style treat. And your funds will be siphoned off but it won't matter much 'cause you'll be oh so very happy wearing such pretty things. I'm excited to see what your first purchase will be. :)

  8. Ooooo, I quite enjoyed this post. More! :D



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