Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my new favourite place: enjoy centre

My backyard garden was calling for some hostas, salvia and lavender plants so, Scotty and I made our way to the Hole family's Enjoy Centre, a stunning new greenhouse complex built on Riel Drive in St. Albert.

And let me tell you peeps, once we got there... enjoy we did.

EC is a gorgeous space with cathedral-sized greenhouses, vaulted-glass ceilings and a fresh, airy contemporary feel. It's beyond impressive. I could have spent hours lingering over the countless planters, vases, flowers, greenery, books and art. Yes, art. And heaps of it.

This is much more than just a place to buy plants and gardening tools. Take a look-see.

The charm

There's a café on-site devoted to local food, the Prairie Bistro, where we ate the most delish pulled lamb panini with grilled leeks & mint marmalade... yum.

In addition to the 140 seats inside, there are 90 seats on the patio (overlooking Big Lake), as well as an ultra chic lounge perfect for drinks, tapas and girl talk. Cocktails with botanical ingredients anyone?

A bakery, deli, spa (!), wine store and gift shop are set to open as well.

Edmonton ladyfriends: we can meet for lunch, shop and then head to the spa. Whaddya say?

Bloggy 45

While we were walking around this sublime green thumb emporium, Scotty said to me, "I'm not even a gardener and I think this place is amazing."

Yessiree! Ah-mazing. And it's going to be a wonderful place to escape the long, dreary cold of our Prairie winters. Although, I know I shouldn't speak of such things in May. :)

Diptic for Enjiy Centre

I hope you have an opportunity to check it out for yourself. It's truly a sight to behold.

Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. Dajana, that cafe is gorgeous! Love the decor ;) This place looks amazing!

  2. It surely is! If you're ever in Edmonton, I'd be more than happy to be your lunch date. :)

  3. Thanks for introducing this amazing looking place to me D. I plan on checking it out.
    I see some things in your photos I would love to own and some unique planters, which are just my thing.


  4. I was there on Sunday and it is truly awesome. Bought my pink petunias.


  5. Wowzas! How have I never heard of this place before, it looks amazing!! A must-go indeed, thanks for the intro, D!

  6. Love this! I knew Hole's had moved, but had no idea how fabulous the new digs would be. Lunch date, oh yes!

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  8. P - You're most welcome. I think you're going to find heaps & heaps of things to your taste. :)

    Patti - I'm glad you had a chance to experience the EC, now we can chat about it at work. BTW, I love pink petunias! :)

    Christine - Welcome! And y'know, I don't think there was much coverage in the media at all. But now you know so you can go! Haha! I'm a nerd... who likes to garden. :)

    KP - Yes, the new digs are pretty spiffy! Those Hole brothers know how to do it right. FYI: I'm free for lunch every day from July 25 - 29. ;)

  9. You know, I might even decide to become a gardener with a fantastic garden centre like that. Actually on second thought, I just want to go to the bistro:)

  10. Wow that looks amazing!! What a great place to visit, slash spend 8 hours on a weekend :)


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