Thursday, May 26, 2011

still smitten... after ten years!

The boyfriend and I met ten years ago today. And we’re still laughing. And calling each other dude.

He’s my oak tree. Solid, dependable and unwavering in his love.

We met at Ceili’s (an Irish pub) but I told my parents we met at the library (; He was there for a friend’s bachelor party and I came to meet some girlfriends for a drink.

He was sitting in my chair, so I asked him, politely, to move it. Four hours later, the bachelor party and girlfriends were forgotten. We were deep in conversation and already smitten.

He lived in Calgary so our first date didn’t take place until 2 weeks later… which gave us heaps of time to get to know each other over the phone. There’s something to be said for that kind of start to a courtship.

There were definite challenges because we lived in different cities. Every weekend, for 18 months, we took turns travelling back and forth between Calgary and Edmonton.  I remember driving white knuckled through many a crazy Alberta snowstorm.

We were engaged a year after dating. And married a year after that.

We've been through a lot together. Our parents, my dad & Scotty’s mom, were both diagnosed with cancer just months before our wedding. It was a year of highs and lows.

Thankfully, they both won their battles and were able to see us get married. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Now here we are.  Ten years, countless travel adventures, a house, a dog and a marriage later. 

He is the greatest. And will always have my heart.

Can’t wait to see where the next ten years take us.


  1. Much congratulations and thanks for sharing - a true reminder that love and relationships do grow, flourish, and last.
    wet xoxoxo from the Coast.

  2. COngratulations!! This post is so sweet!

  3. definitely all kinds of lovely in your marriage. i would attribute your happiness and success to one of the most important(if not THE most important)factors that make a marriage work - you both married your best friend. :)

    hugs from Clair

  4. OH this is truly lovely. Congrats. The big 10! Have a beaut weekend! xo.

  5. Gave me goosebumps!
    Congrats you two! :)


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