Wednesday, February 1, 2012

j. crew springs into edmonton!

Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 1_01_16 PM

How about a little J.Crew to brighten up your Wednesday afternoon? The beginnings of the retailer's spring collection arrived online last week, and I am completely smitten with its punchy colours and classic tailoring.

I also did a bit of sleuthing (investigative journalism, you might call it) and learned that J. Crew's arrival in Edmonton may be sooner than what was initially announced.  Although unconfirmed, it looks like J.Crew will be opening its doors in Edmonton on June 7. Yay! I promise to let you know when that date is made official.

When those doors do spring open, I'm hoping these bright yet classic covetables will be waiting for me.

Crew 1

Crew 2

Crew 3

Crew 5

Crew 4

See anything you like? I have a major crush on the gorgeous collegiate green Tillary purse, the neon pink Schoolboy blazer and the warm jade Café Capri pants. I really dig these items and am calling dibs on them, ladies.

Are you looking forward to J.Crew's arrival, too? If so, I'll see you on the 7th. Save me a spot in the lineup, will ya?

Dajana (:

p.s. Coming up on Friday... Anthro reviews!


  1. Wha!??? We are SO camping out ;)


    1. Crazy, isn't it! :p

      We're going to do some damage! Start saving those pennies, lady.

  2. LOVE striped jacket and shoes! Have to hurry to get my pre-pregnancy body back!

  3. i am seriously obsessed with j.crew. love every single piece! so wish there were stores all over the uk! i would go crazy! maybe its lucky its not here haha.

    love your blog :) im following. x

    1. Hello Sophie! I've been obsessed with J. Crew, too but always from a distance. It's going to be cool (and a bit strange) to finally have a store in my city. I sure hope they have sales. (;

      Thanks so much for popping by! See you again!

  4. Loving the striped blazer and ikat dress. Me thinks I need to make a trip out to Edmonton!! ;)

    1. Why hello, my fellow ikat lover! (:

      Y'know you'd have tons to do if you came for a visit - hang out with me and Christine, meet Alice, eat macarons and cupcakes and shop!

      The perfect itinerary for a girls weekend!


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