Monday, March 26, 2012

destination: jamaica

Last year, Scotty and I travelled to Costa Rica for our tropical vacay (gorgeous pics, here). 

This year's relaxation destination is Negril, Jamaica. Yeah, mon!

Black cliffs, azure water, soft sand, spectacular sunsets, mellow vibes and mouth-searing jerk. These are all things I'm looking forward to experiencing at Couples Negril - a resort that came highly recommended by one of my friends.


Before jetting off on this much-needed tropical rejuvacation, there's something I need to do and it's a task I'm truly dreading. Packing!

I am THE most horrible packer. Scotty, my family, baggage handlers or any of the ladyfriends I've travelled with, can attest to this fact.

I procrastinate to the nth degree, decide I don't like a thing in my closet, and usually end up on last minute shopping trips the day before leaving. My MO also includes bringing waaay too many things but wearing only about 20% of what's in my suitcase. Argh!

I'd love to hear your packing strategies - especially for a sun & sand holiday. And I'd love to know if you've ever been to Jamaica.

I hope y'all had a smashing weekend. Here's to a fantastic week ahead.


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  1. haha I could give you "tips" but I never follow them either :) I always tend to wear the same things while on vacay...but I guess my only tip would be to try to plan out ONLY 1 outfit per day...aside from bathing suits you really don't need much! Good luck and more importantly -have fun...take sunscreen, a bikini, and a sarong - you're good.

    1. Thanks, Heather! The "one outfit per day" tip is extremely helpful!

  2. lucky girl, we are looking at St Lucia next year for my 50th , so i will be very interested in what you think of Jamaica. As for packing, having lived at the beach in UK for 10 years id say lots and lots of great swim suits bikinis that make you feel like Halle Berry emerging from the sea in James Bond, cover ups, a couple of sweet sundresses and great accessories esp shoes.If everything gets lost at the airport think of the items that you could not live with out whilst lounging by the beach.


    1. St. Lucia will be a fantastic way to celebrate your 50th, Virg!(:

      I really like your tip about thinking about what I couldn't live without whilst lounging on the beach - super! Thanks, lady!

      p.s. I like the image of Halle Berry emerging from the sea... not sure that I'll look like that but a girl sure can dream. Ha!

  3. First of all...I am very jealous! ; )
    I have no personal words of wisdom as I over pack all the time but I found this on good ol' Pinterest:

    Even if you don't bring the clothes she says the fact that rolling the clothes and in what order is interesting.

    Have fun Bella!


    1. Grazie for the Pinterest advice, Sheri! I am definitely going to roll my clothes. (:

  4. One word: jealous! That place looks AMAZING!

    As far as tbe packing goes, I found this article interesting...

    1. Hi Belle! Thanks for the link to the NY Times slide show. I needed to see that. And who better to take advice from than a flight attendant?

  5. My secret - do not plan on checking luggage. ONLY take 2 carry-ons (a case and a large bag). We go to Barbados and Key West every year: I have not checked a bag in 5 years and have never felt that I needed more clothes. 2 pairs of sandals, 3 bathing suits, beach cover-up, and 4 sundresses. Maybe a pair of capris/ shorts and a tee if you're planning on any adventure days. Buy your liquids there (shampoo, sunscreen). And you'll still have room left over in your bags to bring home souvenirs and shopping finds.
    It's taken me years to get it down to this kind of minimalism, btw. Each trip I try to take less (and then bring home more) ;)

    1. Wow! I am impressed!

      You are who I aspire to be whilst travelling. I'm going to take your advice and try to pare down with each subsequent trip. That's doable, even for me.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, cagliari67. I appreciate your helpful comment. (:


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