Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my fabulous week!

I've been a busy bee this past week, friends. Heaps of good things to celebrate:
  • Our ladies soccer team won our last game of the indoor season and ended up first in our division. Happy times! We have a tournament in Calgary in a few weeks, and once the snow is a distant memory, we'll start playing in the hopefully-not-mosquito-ridden great outdoors.
  • We had a super end to our dodgeball season, too. Our team placed third in our division. Yay! It was my first time playing this crazy game of dodging and throwing and I'm officially hooked. I wish I had a picture of my "uniform" to show you. Picture this: orange tie-dye knee highs, wristbands, a headband and a bright orange t-shirt. 
  • My niece Raissa's near-perfect report card (all As with a lone B in phys.ed.) was another reason to celebrate. And celebrate we did - with food, of course. We took her out for yummy frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti on Whyte Ave (the perfect people watching spot). I went *crazy* and mixed taro, my favourite flavour, with pistachio. It was a tuber/nut love affair. Royal Red Velvet is next on my list of flavours to try!  Raissa thought blueberry was the bee's knees.
fro yo 2
  • My ladyfriend Patrycia and I had a great girly catch up at Viphalay, my favourite Thai resto. Their stuffed tofu, pad thai and Thai iced tea are taste bud tantalizing! We finished off with tasty roti rolls for dessert - soft roti dough pan fried and rolled up with rich caramelized condensed milk syrup. Nom!
  • And then last night, my main squeeze and I met our friends at Duchess Bakeshop for a pre-theatre snack. The mini lemon meringue cake was calling my name. It's the lovely little cake on the left of the middle shelf. Yup, that's the one. Its deliciousness consisted of lemon chiffon cake with a thin layer of caramel and a thick layer of lemon cream wrapped up in toasted meringue. Bonjour!

  • After our sweet treat, we went next door to the Roxy Theatre to see Ignorance, a whimsical and sarcastic puppet documentary about the evolution of happiness, by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop. It was captivating, creative and funny! The Old Trouts are the dopest puppeteers around. Highly recommend!

Happy second day of spring y'all!  I hope your week is moving along fabulously, too.

Dajana (:


  1. Wow, you do have a lot to celebrate:) Congrats! Excellent choice at the Bakeshop. That looks amazing!

    1. Thanks, lady! If you're ever in Edmonton, I'd be more than happy to introduce you to Duchess and their sweet treats! (:

    2. I agree with Amy, you've got a great eye, D!

    3. Thanks, girly. That means a lot coming from you.

  2. Gorgeous photography Dajana! Those treats look so yummm....

    1. Grazie, Amy! (: I used the Camera+ app on my iPhone to take the pics. I LOVE that app! Even though the pics are not too shabby, I still would like to purchase an SLR.

  3. I'm glad I was part of your fabulous week! xox :D


  4. You're a bad (but oh so good) influence on my waist line... so many good treats!! I'm drooling just thinking about the froyo and that delicious, delicious, lemon meringue cake. mmmmmmmm.


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