Wednesday, May 2, 2012

living with ms.daisy

Daisy is our four-legged houseguest. Isn't she the cutest little beagle you ever did see?

She's staying with us while her family vacations in Mexico.


Random fact: she likes to lick toes. Quirky, right?


Lucy and Daisy have, what is best described as, a big/little sisterdog relationship.

In typical sister fashion, Lucy gets annoyed with Daisy's youthful antics but secretly loves having her around.


They also stick up for each other. While on one of our evening walks, Scotty had to scold Lucy for trying to run across the street after a rabbit. Daisy realized her big sis was in trouble and started to bay at him (she has the funniest smile-inducing howl). 

And when Daisy dug a hole in our backyard, Lucy barked at Scotty letting him know he was not to yell at her little sis. 

Isn't that sweet?

IMG_9953 DP

Today is our last day with our beagle friend and we're going to miss her sweet face. 

Maybe even her toe-lickin' ways. (;



  1. cute post! love the first photo!

  2. Thanks, Nav! She's pretty adorable, isn't she?

  3. aw- cutest ears! I dunno, I think Lucy wants a friend...

  4. Aw, they are so, so cute. My parents have a basset hound and Daisy has pretty much the same colouring as Abby.

    1. Basset hounds are adorable, too. I bet Abby is a doll. (:

  5. I love this blog post! :D
    Thanks for taking great care of her and giving her lots of love. xo

    love ya,

    1. I thought you might like this post, P. (;

      And you're so welcome. We had heaps of fun with Daisy while you and R were frolicking in the warm waters of Mexico. Haha!

      p.s. Lucy was moping around the house after Daisy left.


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