Saturday, September 22, 2012

why hello there, fall.

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Fall is officially here in all its glory... crisp mornings, yellow leaves, perfect-for-sleeping nights and temperatures chilly enough for us to rock our layered ensembles (let's hear it for scarves and booties!).

I find myself gravitating towards richer colours, cozy clothing (it's the return of sweater weather), anything pumpkin’y and hot tea with lemon & honey. Fall is my absolute favourite. I just wish it lasted longer.

What about you? What do you love about fall?

p.s. Pics are from Instagram, where I've been having a ball. Find me at allkindsoflovelyblog. (:


  1. I seriously love everything about fall...everything!

    Courtney ~

    1. Me too, Courtney! I love the fashion, the richer foods, the balmy weather, the leaves changing but I think what I like the most is the absence of bugs. (;

  2. Will you be my personal stylist? Seriously. You are adorable! And I am in need of a style guru.

    Also, I am wearing nail polish that looks very much like yours only mine is a lot more chipped. My little boy picked it out.

    1. You're so sweet, Belle! I can be in Denmark by the weekend. Seriously.(:


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