Tuesday, November 27, 2012

this is the life...

These are some of my fav Instagram photos from the past few weeks. My friends Christine and Patrycia inspired me to start using IG again. I had signed up last summer but quickly abandoned it after taking only a couple of pictures.

Over 240 'grams later, I'm singing an entirely different ditty now. I love how easy it is to use, all of the fun filters and the inspiration I get from perusing all of the amazing photos (especially of food, fashion & decor). Plus, I've met so many cool and interesting people.

Can you say love at second sight?

This is the life 1This is the life 10This is the life 8This is the life 4
Whirl 2This is the life 14This is the life better scarf 13This is the life 16

My new winter hobby: feeding the chickadees at Buena Vista park 
 Bird whisperer There's nothing quite like an Alberta skyLucy loves the snow more than anyone I know Discovering these sunflowers with my friend Ayesha made my day Getting pretty'd up at the Beauty Parlour  Latest scarf acquisition: comfy camo Every girl needs a brightly hued winter coat, right? That's what I told myself when I bought this one (;

This is the life 9This is the life 15This is the life 3This is the life 2
This is the life 5This is the life 6This is the life 13This is the life 19

Tarte Chocolate Hazelnut. Nicely done,
Bon Ton Bakery • Duchess' Mont Blanc Macaron: chestnut & almond deliciousness • Fentiman's makes my new fav soda. Find it here. • Finally opened the cookie butter we bought at Trader Joe's in NYC. Yum! • We had a ball at cutie pie Alice's 1st birthday party • Date night in: Tres Carnales pollo asado tacos, guacamole y totopos • This awesomeness happened after we finished our dodgeball game. Everyone got teary-eyed • Scotty and I had a chill date night people watching on Whyte Ave. I got to wear my new faux fur vest. Bon-jour! 

I'm going to attempt to do this post regularly, by know y'all probably know what a procrastinator I am, so we'll see how it goes.

Until then, you can find me on Instagram @allkindsoflovelyblog. See you there!



  1. Lucy looks great in the snow - thanks for sharing your pics!

    1. Hi Lisa! Lucy's quite the model, isn't she? You won't find me lazing about in the snow like that. (;

      p.s. Thanks for popping by!

  2. I also abandoned Instagram after signing up a while ago. Maybe I should start up again... :) Your pics are great!

    1. Yes, start up again and we can be IG friends, too. (:

      p.s. Thanks so much for the compliment, Rachel. I really dig taking pictures.

  3. looove the blog! love the pics! hope you ll visit ours to.
    we are flw ing you

    1. Hvala, Ana Filipa! Ti isto imaš odlične fotke. Ciao, ženskice!

  4. I love a good original proposal, so sweet.
    Great pictures, I too was slow to start but am now obsessed! I'll have to follow you there too.

    1. Yes! Wasn't that the cutest proposal, Cheryl!? The girl was in such shock! It took her a while to realize what was happening. It was SO cool to watch it all unfold.

      See you on IG, lady!

  5. You've got one of the best instagram feeds, I'm glad you didn't give up! And it's also great for when you don't have time to blog regularly. Keep the photos coming!


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