Friday, August 2, 2013

how to heritage festival


My favourite local event, the Heritage Festival, is this weekend! It's a multicultural extravaganza and encompasses everything I love about living in Edmonton. More than 85 cultures will be represented at 60 pavilions which means SO much delicious food (plus music, dance & art). 

Here are some tips if you plan on coming down to Hawrelak Park:

Before you go:

What to bring & wear:
Edmonton food bank donation (this is their biggest drive of the year!) * Water bottle * sunscreen * sunglasses * wet naps * hat * change for the bus * comfy flat shoes * 

My fav eats & drinks:
Roast lamb and chevapi at the Bosnia Pavilion * Iced hibiscus tea from the Egyptian Pavilion * Saffron ice cream at the Iran Pavilion * Mango and sticky rice at the Thailand Pavilion * Doughnut (lepinje) from the Croatia Pavilion * Pina colada from the Cuba Pavilion * Bannock from the Aboriginal Pavilion * Poffertjes from the Netherlands Pavilion * Nyanya salad from Borneo Pavilion *

Make sure to pop by the newest pavilion: Brazil/Colombia


If you have little kids, I'd recommend coming in the morning. The grounds are not as busy.
Saturday, August 3: 12 (noon) to 9 p.m.
Sunday, August 4: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Monday, August 5: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Hope to see you there! I'll be the lady with the huge goofy grin whipping around Hawrelak Park on my trusty golf cart (:  And if you follow me on Instagram, get ready to drool 'cause I'll be posting tons of food pics.

Happy long weekend, friends!

P.SSome of the scrumptious things I've eaten at previous Festivals.
Wondering about my official looking getup in the pics? For the past four years, I've been a volunteer on the Festival's Board of Directors


  1. That Thai mango and rice dish looks so divine!

  2. It's delicious & such a festival classic, Justine!

    I can't go through the weekend without stopping by the Thai Pavilion at least a few times. The stuff is addictive (:

  3. All looks amazing. I saw the fried dough and immediate pregnancy craving ensued;) Now I just need to figure out where to source it locally. Have a great weekend!

  4. This makes me miss Edmonton like nothing else! Favourite festival of the entire year! Have fun and eat lots for me!

  5. I really want to go but my husband is adamant about it as we have two little {and i mean 2yrs and a 10month old} boys to haul with us. I still have to persuade him as all the food you posted look so good!!!


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