Thursday, July 18, 2013

eat: latin ice cream sundaes


Doesn't this look mouthwateringly delicious? That's what happens when you combine Mexican chocolate fudge sauce, creamy dulce de leche sauce and a sprinkling of spicy peanuts on good quality vanilla ice cream. If that wasn't enough, I also decided to serve it in a waffle bowl. My family thought I was a genius.

You're going to love it, too. I promise. It's spicy, cool, crunchy and creamy - requires just a handful of simple ingredients and comes together in about 15 minutes. Who knew such a small commitment could yield such a grand prize?

Would be a slam dunk at your next bbq or dinner party.

Sold? Recipe's here.

p.s. You can find dulce de leche in most grocery stores now, look for it in the Latin food aisle. I bought mine at the Italian Centre Shop. It's sensational stuff and you may just find yourself eating it out the jar with a spoon. Like I did (:


  1. Its about a billion degrees outside and I've been craving ice cream I just happen to have a jar of dulce de leche... hmmmm

    1. And if you don't feel like making a sundae - all you'll need is a spoon (:

  2. cream is my weakness so I want this. Now.


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