Friday, February 25, 2011

at the cinéma: barney's version

My mom and I recently went to see Barney's Version - a quirky drama we both thoroughly you would a comfortable, old, familiar sweater. The movie is based on the popular novel of the same name written by late Canadian author Mordecai Richler.

The film is a remarkable story about a unremarkable man and is set mostly in Montréal, although Rome and New York also make their appearances.

Paul Giamatti is amazing in the role of the incorrigible Barney Panofsky and British actress Rosamunde Pike is breathtaking to watch in the role of Miriam Grant-Panofsky - the love of his life. I'm not that familiar with Pike, but am enamoured with her acting, her lovely eyebrows and her sense of style. I officially have a girl crush. :)

And for those of you who watched Felicity back in the day (one of my fav shows), Ben Covington,
I mean, Scott Speedman also appears in the movie. He plays Barney's friend Boogie - a periodically fun-loving, periodically infuriating, drug-addicted would-be writer who disappears under mysterious circumstances during a contentious weekend at Barney's lake house. 

I almost forgot to mention that the film centers around Barney's relationship with his three wives. Yessirree bob! Three wives! I bet you're all very, very intrigued now.

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Don't want to say much more, other than I loved it & highly recommend! Happy viewing and happy weekend!

Dajana :)

p.s. Mom and I will be seeing The King's Speech this weekend. My friend Ayesha has raved about this British period piece, predicted to win an Oscar for Best Picture this Sunday.  Ayesha also raved quite a bit about her gentleman crush Mr. Darcy, a.k.a Colin Firth. Can't wait to see him...err, the film! ;)

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  1. She was Jane Bennet - Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly's version, not my fave) but she was lovely as Jane Bennet.


  2. Hey calling all Darcy fans! You know who you are! We're a proud bunch, aren't we? We're a legion of gals from all around the world who are pretty ecstatic that our Darcy may be holding a lovely golden statue tomorrow night in a tux by Tom Ford no doubt :-)

    Yes, we realize he played Darcy 16 years ago, but he made quite an impression jumping gracefully and hunk-ily into that lake and winning over one Ms. Elizabeth Bennet. Am I right, or am I right? :-)

    He's also paid his dues, starring alongside Hugh Grant in the Bridget Jones' movies, only to still not win much notoriety in that role - at least states side (even though the movie was based on his portrayal of Darcy!)

    Colin Firth has definitely grown as an actor. And his performance in the King's speech was remarkable. He's very deserving of the spotlight that we hope is about to shine brightly on him. You'll love The King's Speech Dajo! It will make your heart cry, but ever so happy too.

  3. I love, love her outfits!

    Can't wait to see the flicks once they come out on iTunes.

    It's been too long since I've seen a great movie.

  4. Ayesha's and Nat's Mr. Darcy did good at the Academy Awards tonight!! He surely deserved that Oscar. I wonder if he'll be invited to the royal wedding now? ;) BTW girls - Jane Eyre is coming out soon! We should go and see it together!

    P - her outfits are lovely. aren't they! She's a doll. The next time you feel like seeing a movie call me dude!
    p.s. thanks for stopping by for a blog visit! :)

  5. *sigh* I'm on the Mr. Darcy wagon too... what can I say, I'm a sucker for an accent! Thanks for the great review. I'll definitely be checking out this movie and the King's Speech asap!

    p.s. Jane Eyre is coming out as a movie!? yay! It is one of my favourite books.

  6. I`m glad you liked the review C! We`re all suckers for the handsome & accented Mr. Darcy. :)

    Okay, let's all go and watch Jane Eyre! Who's in? Ladies?


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