Monday, August 22, 2011

in the dressing room with mad men

I can't lie. I hightailed it to Banana Republic the exact day their much-anticipated Mad Men collection debuted. And I wasn't disappointed - the pieces were a fresh take on the iconic styles of Joan, Betty and even Peggy. I ended up falling in vestiphilial-love with the begonia print dress, the lace dress and the leopard print trench. All three pieces were beautifully made, fit perfectly, and felt deliciously luxurious on. Plus, they were tailored for a lady with curves. Yay for curvature! Nothing wrong with having some junk in the trunk, I like to say. (:

Take a look at who else was jonesing for these chic 1960s inspired threads...

Yup, it's my good friend, Ayesha (last seen here). She ended up at the same BR store that day. What are the chances?

Me and my gal pal entertained the staff at the Southgate Centre BR that evening with our twin-dressing antics. I think we made their night.  Especially the snazzily-attired Sylvester, who gave us styling tips as to what we should wear with the leopard print trench. His take? Red heels, dark skinny jeans and a slinky top. Eat your heart out, Don Draper!

Now, can you guess what both Ayesha and I took home? (;

And what about you? Did anything in the collection catch your eye?



  1. haha, love this! I had the same idea for a blog, with the whole dressing room thing. Very cute. :)

    My guess is that you took home the begonia print dress. What did I win?!! ;)

  2. Does anyone have a hankering for some double mint gum? haha I was pretty pleased with our modeling effort that night. We were entertaining/giddy/charming - all we needed were some cigarettes and gin, and we would've been set for an entire photo shoot. :-)Sylvester was wearing a three piece suit - so it totally would've worked.


  3. What are the chances you and Ayesha were at BR at the same time?? ha! you two make me laugh.... ;)

    I've been avoiding such pretty clothes that don't fit so I'm vicariously living through you two! LOOOOVE the trench and that pretty lace number.

  4. Haha! The same time BR! Yeah!LOL
    Love all the choices! Did they all move from store to your closet?

  5. I love the lace dress. Gorgeous.
    But aren't you saving up for New York? ;-)



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