Friday, September 16, 2011

om is where the heart is...

Happy Friday, friends! Sorry for the long delay in posting. I didn't realize how kookoo busy the beginning of September would be for me. To deal with the hectic'ness of my schedule, I've decided to leave it all behind and head into the wilderness this weekend for a yoga retreat.  I'm very much looking forward to three days of relaxing, yoga, delicious food (there's a chef!) and making new friends. The best part? My mama is joining me!

The Fall Soul Yoga Retreat is organized by my writer friend Jenn, who, in addition to being a Yoga Alliance certified instructor & one of the most calm and sweet people I know, blogs over at 1000 Ways to be Happy.

Take a look at my lovely ladyfriend practicing yoga on the shores of downtown Oakville.

Isn't she simply amazing? 

image via 1000 Ways to be Happy

Who knows? I may just pick up some poses of my own this weekend but mostly, I'm going to embrace the calm and serenity of our surroundings and revel in the spiritual mix of body, mind, soul, intellect and breath.


Dajana  :)


  1. That sounds wonderful! Have a great time:)

  2. Simply amazing to say the least! that pose is intense. I hope that you get everyhing you want out of the weekend!


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