Sunday, September 4, 2011

a tale of two trenches

Hey ladies, can you help a sister out?  I've got a clothing dilemma on my hands.

Here's the dealio. My heart is torn between two lovelies - Anthropologie's Pansy Corset trench and Banana Republic's Mad Men Leopard Print trench. They're both currently in my cupboard awaiting their fate. Sad, but such is life.

I'm smitten with each of them, but for different reasons. The Pansy Corset trench, made of heavy cotton canvas, is a bold statement piece with its quirky and whimsical print and fun striped lining, whereas the Leopard Print trench is subdued, chic and sophisticated, made of polyester (blech!) and has a nondescript lining. Both have a classic silhouette. Neither is waterproof.

Take a look:


So, what do you think, friends?  Pansy or Leopard? I want "trenchgate" to be over soon so I can focus on other fabworthy fall fashion finds.

I hope y'all are having heaps of fun this Labour Day long weekend.

Dajana (:

p.s. Please do come back and visit this week. I'm finally revealing my backyard oasis! I got to use a fancytastic camera so it's going to be a good'er.


  1. The animal print gets my vote. :-) It looks great on you!
    I don't mean to make fun, but the one with pansies looks like someone stuck flower stickers all over you, lol.


  2. What a tough decision! I have to go with the leopard print - it looks fantastic on you.

  3. Anthro Pansy trench. I think it's unique . Once this trench is no longer available you will not be able to find anything like it again whereas leopard is everywhere and will always be available, this yr, next year and so on. I've learned my lesson with Anthro. If you find an Anthro item you love, buy it. There is more regret with missing out on an Anthro item than there is with buying it and regretting you did. I've spent many lost hours on eBay trying to find items that got away.

  4. Oooh Dajana. Both are lovely (of course!), but my vote's for the Pansy trench. It looks so fab on you! Love.
    amy* PS. Can't wait to see your backyard makeover. Yippee.

  5. they both look fabulous on you and it's hard to pick one!! i have to go with the leopard though - very classy and more versatile. good luck picking one!!

  6. very very tough indeed - both are unique trenches...I think the leopard one is longer-lasting though...but go with the one you really really love. Or you could use my version of "fate" - flip a coin (I usually do it 3 times...and if it doesn't work out how I wanted it to, then I know what I really wanted anyways!)

  7. Well, you got my in person opinion and I stand by the pansy trench! More unique and a better/prettier fit :)

  8. I like them both but I LOVE the leopard print!!

  9. I vote for the pansy print!! It's so original and looks great on you..!! :)

  10. So, I'm dying to know... which one did you keep!?

  11. Leopard's more versatile! Which did you get?


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