Monday, June 13, 2011

shop talk: crate & barrel's coming to edmonton!

Boy, was I excited when I spied this sign at Southgate Centre last week.

C'est vrai! A Crate & Barrel is setting up shop in Edmonton this fall, which means 3 hour jaunts to Calgary will no longer be needed. Très bon!

I can't wait to peruse the kitchen gadgets, tableware, bath accessories, linens, rugs, lamps, amazing accents and of course, lovely furniture pieces for every room in the house! I wish I was getting married this year so I could set up a wedding registry with them. ;)

As for my first purchase? I think it might be this grey ikat pillow.

Now, if only West Elm could make a presence in our fair city. That would make me twice-happy.

Happy Monday friends!

Dajana  :)


  1. Oh lucky you! I can only hope that these stores may feel sorry for us Winnipegers and come set-up camp ;)


  2. Christine - Our humble northern Alberta city is becoming quite the retail hot spot. Yay for us!

    Amy - You can always come and visit us in Edmonton! Right, Christine? :)


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