Wednesday, August 10, 2011

shop talk: banana republic has mad (men) style!

Love the retro glamour shown on Mad Men? You're in luck. This week, Banana Republic debuts a fashion line inspired by the hit show. And guess what, local gals? Although the offical launch date is August 11, the collection has already arrived in Edmonton! This is welcome news as the retailer's recent offerings have been pretty ho hum, with the exception of my sunshiney bag, of course.

These stylish threads were designed for a martini-sipping, lipstick-wearing, executive lifestyle, wouldn't you say?

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The 65 piece capsule collection is the brainchild of Janie Bryant - the Emmy Award-winning costume designer of Mad Men,
and Simon Kneen, creative director at Banana Republic.

You may know by now that it's the full skirts, dresses with pockets and animal print cardis that are calling my name. There's something to admire in a refined appearance, careful fit and chic silhouette. I also love the vintage-inspired bags and shoes in bold leopards and rich reds to the perfectly tailored suits that will have the boyfriend looking like Don Draper in no time (yay!). The colour palettes are lovely too - the grays and browns for the men's suiting and the brighter, more fun and kitschier colours for the womenswear. Ultimately, these are wearable pieces for classy ladies who bring home the bacon and who like to entertain. Like me! (;

And whether you're more of a Joan or a Betty, you'll have no problem emulating the same 60s-inspired looks with these elegant pieces. Consider it something to hold you over until the long-awaited new season of Mad Men premieres next year.

Happy shopping!

Dajana (:


  1. Eeeee! Some of these are just fantastic..!! I love the leopard print trench coat. Now THAT is MY calling, lol! :)

  2. I've never actually watched Mad Men but I know a thing or two about the style and it is hot hot hot :) Great round up!

  3. surprise!! I was wondering what the news might be ;) You know, I've never actually watched the show, but you better believe I'm familiar with the style and I LOVE it!! Can't wait to check this out at Banana.

  4. Wow- I love the new line! Banana Republic never disappoints. I miss my 50% off discount I used to have when I worked there, many moons ago! :) My paychecks always seemed to go back into the store. :)

  5. Oooh love them all. How does one choose?! Great finds ;)


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